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What Grit Of Sandpaper To Remove Paint From Wood?

Do you want to repaint the wooden doors of your house? Or are you in the mood to change the color of the wooden tables and chairs present in your living room? Doesn’t matter, whether it’s the doors, furniture, or any other wooden surfaces, if the plan is to repaint then the first thing you are supposed to do is to remove the existing paint off them for the best results.

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Sanding is one of the widely used techniques to remove paint off the wood. And when we talk about sanding, sandpaper is its main tool. In sanding, the sandpaper is rubbed over a surface from which the paint removal is intended.

Now the thing of paramount importance here is to use the right grit sandpaper. Yes if you want excellent results without any damage being done to the wood then make sure you have your hands on the correct grit sandpaper.

Now your question would be, how would you know which is the right grit sandpaper to remove paint from the wood? True??

Well! Don’t worry, we have got you covered! All you have to do is keep reading till the end.

So let’s get down to it

Grit? What’s that?

By the grit of sandpaper, we mean the number of abrasive sand particles on the sandpaper. Actually, grit defines the roughness and strength of the sandpaper. Lower the grit levels on the sandpaper, coarser the sandpaper. This means that sandpaper with a higher level of grit will have fine abrasive and one with low grades of grit will be coarser.

Now that we understand what is meant by grit, let’s dive down to business.

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Choose the Right Grit Sandpaper for Removing Paint:

All the below-given sandpapers come under the category of the best grit sandpaper to remove paint from the wood but be vigilant to use them according to the paint present on the wood.

Keep reading and you’ll find out

Coarse Sandpaper:

It has a grit level between P40 to P80 which makes it highly coarse in nature as indicated by the name. It is the best option to be used to remove thick layers of paint. Moreover, if you’re working on a surface having multiple layers such as finish, paint, and primer. Coarse sandpaper can best be used with a power sander but be careful as little mistakes can cause damage to the wood underneath.

Do not use it on thin layers of paint or on narrow areas such as the corners and edges as it can cause harm to them.

Medium Coarse Sandpaper:

Sandpaper with a grit number between P80 to P180 is known as medium coarse sandpaper. If you are dealing with a medium and not too thick layer of paint then this can do the job pretty well.

It is also safer to use than coarse sandpaper as it is less risky to cause damage to the wood beneath. Also, this one is good to be used on surfaces that have designed and detailing on them.

Medium Sandpaper:

This is the sandpaper with a lesser number of grains as compared to the previous two. Medium sandpaper is graded between P180 to P500 on a grit level. This is good to be used when you have already removed the thick layers of paint and there are only very thin or light spots of paint left on the wood.

Also, it can be used to lighten the paint instead of completely removing it. Also if some paint is already losing hold and getting off of some wooden surface then you can use medium sandpaper to completely clean it.

What Grit Sandpaper Is Not Suitable For Job:

Let us also enlighten you about the grit sandpapers that are not good to use for removing paint off the wood.

Fine Sandpaper:

This fine-grit sandpaper is not recommended to use for removing paint from the wood because of its being finely abrasive. It has a grit level between P500 to P1200. This sandpaper is suitable for smoothing the surface and removing any light roughness present on the surfaces.

Very Fine Sandpaper:

It has a grit number of P1200 and higher and is not at all meant for removing paint from the wood. Though it can be used to make the newly applied paint smooth and flat.

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